07 January 2013

New Year So Let's Try Again

Remember when I used to blog here?  Yeah. Me too.  2012 pretty much got away from me and 2013 is making a good bid to roll right over me and keep on going. 

On the upside, we did finally close on the house.  It all happened in a flurry of activity, at the last minute, before the end of the year.  Long story short, the former owner had two mortgages on the place and was looking to short sale having failed to complete the deal once before. As the year drew to and end with no fiscal deal in sight the former owner was going to be liable for the tax penalty on all the forgiven mortgage unless we closed NOW.  It was crazy there for a few days and we celebrated Christmas running 50/50 odds that we were going to actually get the house we had been pursuing for the better part of four months.  Thankfully it all worked out and now we are spending every waking minute working on said house so all the major work can be finished before we pack-out on the 22nd.  It is exciting, but also exhausting and time consuming.

With all that being said, I may be MIA for a while longer.  I do hope to get back into blogging, both here and on the craft blog, once we are settled.  In the mean time I did update the 2012 reading list. It is not complete, there are maybe 10 more books that were on my NOOK, but you get the idea.  I do promise to point out the highlights soon.

For now I must get back to cleaning, I have two houses to prep for a move.  Hopefully I can be back as a real blogging person soon.  I miss you all!