19 February 2013

I Need a Good Comeback Jam

Every year I think I will revamp this blog, write new material, overhaul the look…you get the idea.  Yet somehow all I write about in the completely un-unique trials of being a SAHM, the Navy (though thankfully that bit is done) and the occasional political dust-up.  I initially set this up in the hopes that I could have a space to enjoy meaningful discourse on some non-Mom things, but now I feel trapped in the loop. There are only so any times I can point out the desire of the far-right to sexually shame women or pontificate on how sexist the FMLA is before it all feels a little…tired.  I find myself wanting to blog more than ever, to have that outlet while enjoying the sense of community blogging can provide, but I feel like I have already said everything that can ever be said on the topics that interest me.  Perhaps I need to reconsider the goal of being The Well-Read Mom.

Obviously, I need to blog more.  This seems silly when I say it out loud, but I need to get over the idea that it all has to Pulitzer level genius and just get writing.  Flex those muscles, hone my skills and use my brain for more than meal-planning and laundry management.  I often have little thoughts or anecdotes to share, or interesting news articles that are worth pointing out, yet these never make it here because they seem too inconsequential.   I think I have painted myself into a corner with my notion that it is only worth blogging about if it can be a 1000 word opus on the topic, but doing such intensive writing also feels beyond me by the time I sit down to try and generate some content.   I just need to resolve myself to the idea that a quick paragraph pointing out a cool article or a fast review of a book I think everyone might like is blogging.   The point of this blog was to keep myself, and any other interested parties, informed and engaged in some discussion.  The goal of being a good writer will only come with practice so it looks like I better hop on it.

I also need to focus more on the books.  That was the initial idea behind this blog and since I read a couple of novels a week I should have no trouble sharing my opinions on these tomes.   I am currently reading a lot of “light” fiction, but I have a lengthy reading list of really cool books so this may be just the impetus I need to start some new research.

Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, I need to just get back into the blogging community.  While I love my reader on my phone, it has made me very lazy when it comes to participating with the blogging culture.  I always mean to click through and content, or repost, or read all the included links in someone else’s cool post, but I never do.   Not only has this left me feeling disconnected from the blogosphere I so loved, it also means that I am not encouraging all the really great bloggers I read.   As I am learning firsthand how hard it can be to do this, I should really be more supportive to all those in my bloggy peer group. 

Okay people, let’s do this.  Read more books, post more stuff, get on Twitter and get involved.  The Well-Read Mom is making a comeback.


Sarah said...

Looking forward to reading your posts

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