05 May 2013

An Ode to the "Old" Days

You know what I really miss sometimes?


It was great. You put the tape in, you press play and it plays.  Your only choices were play or rewind and get it ready to play again.  It took zero remotes, zero internet connectivity and the hardest part was remembering if you had to set the TV to channel 3 or 4.

Now we have 7 remotes in our living room.  Three are for the x-box, which I have never, ever turned on without having to do a 20 minute rigamarole of updating.  Two for the Wii which never, ever seem to be charged.  One for the TV (that one works pretty well except for the critical "source" button) and one for the Blu-ray player with wireless internet that also has some kind of system crashing update fetish.

To watch something you have to decide how you want to watch it Hulu, Amazon or Netflix on the Blu-ray player, Netflix on the Wii or (le gasp) and actual DVD. Then you have to find a working remote, set the TV to the right source, go though the 95 start-up windows and upgrade requests and then, finally watch your show. Never mind that DVDs/Blu-ray disks now take 30 minutes to navigate through all the warnings, disc options, previews and menus.  Usually I am doing this with a hysterical 3.5 year old screeching that she wants "the tooth-fairy Yo Gabba Gabba right now!"  Makes me glad we don't have cable since going through all this nonsense to then still have an 80% chance that there is nothing on that I want to watch would be more than I can bear.

So yeah, lets all take a moment of silence for the wonderful and user friendly entertainment media that is VHS.  Of course, now my kids see the tapes at the library and ask "what's this."  Then again, they also don't know about film, landlines or using maps so there is just no accounting for taste I guess.

Kids these days.  No idea that they are living in the future...


Alicen said...

Thanks for the laugh! I thought it was only our system that constantly doesn't work but apparently it' universal.

The real irony here being that usually we are putting this stuff on for our kids so that we can have a moment of peace yet by the time we finally get the stuff up and running our blood pressure is 5 times what it was before we started. Sometimes it doesn't even seem worth it.