29 May 2013

Favorite Place

One of my favorite parts of the new house is the fireplace.  The living room is little and clearly not designed to include a TV, so getting a grip on furniture/decor for the room has been a challenge.  I have a plan in my head for an eggplant colored accent wall then wrought iron decor with the occasional pop of yellow to pull in the front door color and the touches of yellow from the neighboring dining/kitchen area.  We need new sofas (5 moves has proven to be more than they can stand) and then new rugs, then new curtains and of course a can of paint, but I already have in place my favorite piece for the room.

Currently I am decorating the mantle with the now broken foot board from our wrought iron (formerly) four posted bed.  Now the bed merely has a nice wrought iron headboard, but the foot board has a new home and for some reason, I love it.  I painted the wall sconces wrought iron black and got all wrought iron fireplace tools.  Even though the room needs a lot of work, looking at my fireplace makes me feel very much at home in this space. 


Sarah said...

Glad to hear its starting to feel like home.