23 May 2013


Liz woke at 4:30AM and still has not gone down for a nap.  The rain has prevented me from doing he much needed mowing, but forced me to do endless laundry and housecleaning.  The pinnacle of my morning was dropping an open canister of oatmeal such that I created a rolled oats volcano in my pantry.  Basically, this will not be my best work.  This post is less of a post and more a round-up of a couple of items that provide a nice follow-up to some previous posts.

A&F "cool kids"- This letter from The Militant Baker is a really great perspective on the whole A&F Fat Hate campaign.  I really like that it respectfully addresses the benefits of targeted marketing and stresses the  idea that ideals of beauty are subjective.  I also really like that is breaks down the cultural norm that fat women are not attractive or that fat people will never be seen paired off with fit/thin people.  As a woman who has always outweighed her partner, it's refreshing to see more people challenging the idea that women should always be the thinner ones.  Socially we accept overweight men with thin/fit women as a matter of course (ah, the sweet permissive privilege of being male), while seeing the opposite gives us pause.  To that I say "hooray!"

Facebook/Advertising Debacle- Women, Action & The Media has done an amazing job with this movement.  Definitely check out the info, though I caution against looking at the "examples" page, major trigger warning/stomach turning misogyny.  If you can only read one bit, read the FAQ, this is where the great explanations of the situation are found.  I really like how they explain Facebook's current rules, how they have been previously applied and why they need to be applied here.  The crux of the argument: pages that promote rape or violence against women are the same level of hate speech seen by racist/homophobic/anti-Islamic pages, yet Facebook doesn't moderate this the same way they moderate other "isms."  

There is your assigned reading for the day class.  Now, to try and turn my awful, exhausted, frustrating day around!   And by that, I mean "get more coffee."