02 May 2013

Geo Fluffy-Bumkins

I made my bag of prompts. Between some easy generic queries and some ideas that I have been meaning to write about forever, I managed to get 48 ideas down and in the bag for possible selection.  Today I got an easy one: "share about Geo."

Geo is our bunny.

Having sworn off pets, we wound up with a bunny.

 It all started with my sister getting an Angora bunny known as Artemis Fluffy-Bumkins.  Apparently having been bred for fluff collecting traits, this breed makes for great pets.  Soon my mother had one too, Rigby Fluffy-Bumkins.  So, since Christmas or so my mom has been on the look-out for a bunny who would be a good match for us.  A few weeks before Easter Geo was found at a bunny show.

Geo is a Jersey Woolie, an offshoot of the Angora rabbits.  Artemis and Rigby are big-ish, though very friendly.  Geo, on the other hand, weighs about 3 pounds full-grown and is not quite as fluffy (meaning less grooming).  He is adorable and we adore him.

Currently he lives in a little pet pen in the corner of our dining room. I managed to get him pretty much litter box-trained so he can just chill in there 24/7.  If we are home then we open up his pen and he can have free run of the downstairs (less the den...too many tasty cords). It is like having a very small, very furry, very quiet, non-anxiety riddled dog.  He is social and like to interact with us, but has none of the furniture destruction, hair everywhere that comes with cats or the massive house destroying separation anxiety of dogs. Also, not gross, little and squirmy like smaller rodents.

He is not much work really.  Keep his food bowl full, his water bottle full, change the paper in the litter box daily, switch out his play mats every few days and throw some fresh veggies/hay in there every day.  Five minutes of grooming every few days and a quick nail clip every couple of weeks and your work is done.  I would highly recommend this pet to anyone looking to branch out from goldfish, but not really into adding a ton of tasks to the old "to-do" list.

Some notes:
  • Get an older bunny that has been well-handled.  Geo was a show bunny, raised in a house with kids and came to us prepared to be brushed, have his nails done and love DUPLO.  Also look for breeds that have been bred for handling.  Bunnies used for their fuzz generally fit the bill, though lops are making a big splash right now as good pets.
  • Litter train ASAP.  It is not hard, though it can be time consuming, it took several weeks in many baby steps, but it means no cage to worry about/clean. Use the pine pellets and a layer of paper...tah-tah, the thing practically maintains itself.
  • Bunny proof your house.  They love to chew on cords, get those taped up or close off rooms where the bunny will be tempted by them.  
So now we are bunny people.  It is rapidly getting out of hand though.  I seem to spend way too much of my day planning new toys for him, making him food he likes, and looking lustfully at deluxe bunny condos online.  But come on! He is so cute!


Ginger said...

I have to admit, I've never been a huge fan of rabbits, but that is one adorable little animal there...