12 May 2013

It Can't All Be Perfect

For the most part I am in love with our house.  They layout is great, tons of room, the decor is coming along and we are nearly done with the yard overhaul pending mulch laying, deck railing painting and tossing some grass seed down.   However, as with any domicile, there are a few things that maybe leave you feeling kind of "meh."  Today's prompt from the jar was "one thing about the house you hate" and initially I had trouble but then I remember that there is one thing that makes me seethe with the burning hatred of a thousand dying suns.

My dishwasher.

Generally I like dishwashers. Though I hate unloading them-it is somehow not enough that I have a machine to clean and dry them-but generally I find the dishawasher to be high up there on the list of modern marvels I really enjoy. Not this one however.

The bottom drawer will not accommodate anything larger than a dinner plate without jamming up the runners or getting caught on the upper drawer (and this with the upper deck set to it highest possible position). I know that really big stuff shouldn't go in there anyway, but it would be nice to wash my dishwasher safe platters or the glass top of the blender every now and then.

The silverware holder can either sit on the door or mounted on the front of the bottom deck.  These positions are known as "the place that jams the drawers and means everything has to be closed to insert a fork" or "the place where it crashes off every time you open the bottom drawer."  I am not sure if this design element was considered a good idea in R&D, but in real life it is just the worst.  

Basically every time you put anything in you have to wrestle with the drawers and pick up all the silverware that has exploded off the front of the bottom deck. 

Not cool.

I can't really justify a new one since this one technically gets the job done, but I am so excited for when it dies and I can kick it to the curb.