17 May 2013

Keeping It Moving

Today's prompt is "workout gear I can't live without."   I have been getting back into working out.  Mostly because after almost two months of dieting I have managed to gain two pounds and my one pair of pants is still too tight so yeah...this semi-annual resolve to lose weight may be drawing to its typical pathetic close.  On the upside back into running and biking so here are my current favorite bits and baubles to make the bodily torture a little less tortuous.  **Note: some of these items are "luxury" workout items, certainly not required. I will put out the disclaimer that much of this stuff was gifts from my loving family who indulge my bizarre fitness equipment/apparel consumer fetishism.**

Bike Trainer- I am going to level with you, riding your bike on this thing is nothing short of hell.  A good bike/spin workout will really work your body and somehow the monotony of pedaling and getting nowhere is a million times worse than running and getting nowhere.  However,  I can ride this quietly while Liz rests, or set it up in the yard and ride while the kids burn some energy (howdy neighbors!).  While I would much rather enjoy the actually fun part of bike riding-the scenery- when you need to cross-train and juggle kids, popping your bike on this thing is a life-changer. 

RunKeeper App- This is free and low-tech, but it does what I need it to do.  Tracks mileage and speed when you are out running/biking and it can be programed with prompts for interval work.  Before I head out I type in what intervals I want to do, then turn on my music and go.  I no longer have to watch the clock (the worst possible hobby while trying to run), the beeps tell me when to run and when to walk or when to pedal fast and when to cruise.  The app then keeps logs of all your workout, you can add notes and even share on FB and Twitter is you need the public shaming for motivation.  It is not so great on the mill or the trainer, though it will still do the prompts/time even if it tells you that you have covered 0.0 miles at a rate of 3.872million hours per mile.

Zensah Compression "sleeves"- I am generally fighting mild shin splints and sore Achilles (more like tight Achilles thanks to too many years of horseback riding that left me uncomfortable doing physical activity where I can't hold my heel 4 inches lover than my toe at all times) so compression socks are great.  However, having the compression sensation on my feet is just the worst.  These fit the bill perfectly.  I have the neon yellow ones, you know, nothing crazy.

RAD Score Body Cream- My SIL in got this for me and I love it.  Acts like Biofreeze, but not as intense.  Feels very nice after your post-workout shower, just rub in into a sore spots and it helps loosen things up.  Not made of anything freaky either if that is something you worry about.

Of course, even though I love these items, my workout wish-list is a mile long.  I still lust after a GPS watch and feel this odd desire to own a kettle-bell.  I can only imagine the gear I can get into if I ever pursue my long-term goal of doing a few sprint triathlons once the girls are in school full-time.  For now a bit of 5K training and biking for cross training wil keep me plenty busy.