18 May 2013

Rules of Running

  1. The run intervals happen on the uphill parts.  It doesn't seem statistically possible, but it is true.
  2. There is always a headwind.  Even on an out and back, there is no such thing as a tailwind.
  3. You will have to pee the second you start running.
  4. The first sip of water when you are parched and sucking wind will induce a coughing fit and well...possibly more peeing.
  5. Pandora knows when you are working out and only plays songs you don't like.
  6. Pandora also knows when you are doing speed work and will play annoying commercials for banks during the 30 seconds you are supposed to be sprinting as fast as you can.  Very motivating.
  7. Your headphones will snag on everything within a two mile radius.
  8. Your child will need something every ten feet.
  9. There are not enough snacks/toys/books in the world to keep a 3.5 year old from losing her shit for a mere 30 minutes.
  10. The jogger wheels will (inexplicably) need air as soon as you are at your farthest point from the house.
...and yet this activity is still one of my favorite things to do.  Can an exercise be a frenemy?  I think it can!