30 May 2013


I am rarely in pictures with my kids, or at all for that matter.  Mostly because I am often serving as the photographer.  Partially because like most women who fail to meet the arbitrary standard of thinness, I do not enjoy how I look in photos.  I feel like images of me don't ever really capture "me."  However, there are a few shots in the archives that include me and  really like them.  None are fancy, often they are just random shots of me, in my usual mundane "hoping to get a workout in" outfits, doing the usual thing.  For whatever reason these are pictures of me that make me feel like "me."

This is me and the girls on Charlie's first day of kindergarten.  I like this shot of me, and I love how each of my kids looks so very much like themselves here.  While both like "girly" clothes, they each have a certain look.  Charlie likes her stuff to match and have a certain preppy princess edge while Liz just like what sh elikes with a bit more of a punk feel.

This is how I most often see myself in my head.  I am a big girl, but there is some undertone of fitness there.  I will never look (or be) thin as defined by society/medicine, but Ilook like someone who is healthy, happy and enjoying life with her awesome family.

This actually a cruddy cell-phone picture from when we were trying on bridesmaid's dresses for my little sister's wedding.  I have crazy tan lines, the dress is a bad fit and an even worse color, but this is one of the best shots of my face I have ever taken.   I really like my teeth and here are in all their glory.  Chris likes my "apple" cheeks and I confess, the way I look very round when I smile is something I enjoy.  Photos always seem to feature double chins and squinty eyes, but here, just for no reason, this is what my face actually looks like in real life.