04 May 2013

YA Fiction to the Rescue

Whenever I find myself in a reading rut I wander over to the Young Adult section of the library.  Maybe this is revisionist history, but I just don't remember there being this many great "teen" book available when I was actually a young adult.  Now however, as a "real" adult (yeah right) I am loving this genre.

Currently I am about to start The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan.  This is the third book in the Heroes of Olympus series.  This series picks up where the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series left off, but with a very fun twist.  Now Riordan has introduced the Roman mythology and much excitement ensues.  I won't say too much more (spoilers!), but this is just a great series.  I think you could do this set of novel as a stand alone series and really enjoy it, but it does build so beautifully on the previous books that I would highly recommend doing the whole shebang.  Also Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, the film, comes out soon, so if you want you jump on board this fandom, now is a great time to do it.

I do feel like I need to point out that the movie "based" on the first book, while a great flick, was not very accurate to the book.  Basically the film version used the title, the character names and the basic premise of kids being demigods. After that, it was a very loose interpretation of events. I am curious to see how they handle the second book and/or if they can fill in the missing/altered plot pieces to make it a viable movie series that follows all the books. The fact that it never really took off as a franchise the first time out of the gate means that the story will try and pick up again after a long hiatus and many new actors taking over continuing roles.  I still loved the first film, but the situation certainly creates a challenge when it comes to creating a movie series that will translate well for the books' large fandom.

If anyone else is finding themselves in a reading rut, try the Riordan books.  The Kane Chronicles, same idea but with Egyptian mythology, has also been very well received.  They are "easy" reads due to the target age group, but they pack a wallop in terms of plot twists, character development and over-all awesomeness.