19 June 2013

Required Reading: Session 1

One of the best parts of blogging, for me, is that you constantly find new bloggers, or new material from old favorites, that blows your mind.  In an attempt to honor all this amazing stuff I find,  I am hoping to do occasional Required Reading posts.  Over time I often find my computer full of book marks that I mean to blog about, but time just slips away.  Consider this a sporadic blast of things that deserve deep discussion, but for the sake of real life, a simple read will have to do.

Shakesville's Fatsronauts 101-  Go read them.  Read them all.  Read all the links contained in these posts.  Read The Obesity Myth by Paul Campos and anything you can find by Ms.Wan.  Understand that healthy doesn't always equal thin, that fat hate (or thin-hate, that is a thing too because Jesus H. you can not win on this one) is just another way to marginalize people, especially women, then go forth and make yourself the healthiest person you can be, regardless of the number on the scale.  

The Everyday Sexism Project- I have been following this on Twitter and it is both the most amazing and sickening experience.  Even though one may logically know that sexism is this pervasive, seeing it there in type all day long, as many instances as there are minutes in the day, is a real eye-opener.