27 June 2013

Stocking Up For Summer

Around here summer means supplies for arts and crafts.  Now, we are a pretty crafty family in general, but summer vacation is a great time to do all the activities that don't fit nicely into the "after-school" or "weekend" time-frames.  This year I really "planned" lots of projects and made sure to lay in the supplies.

Obviously you can never go wrong with the basics like crayons, markers, colored pencils and big packs of paper (in colors and white).  This summer I am having the girls do some journal writing,  so everyday they can fill a notebook page with words and/or pictures about what we did that day.  This keeps Charlie working on her spelling and gets Liz very motivated to learn all her letters.  We have also tied art time into our bed-time discipline regime.  How many pieces of paper you get in your daily art folder (we had to set a limit since these two will tear through a ream of paper in mere hours if left unchecked) depends on how many time we have to come in and remind you not to act like a jackass at bedtime.  This is really working out well since it creates a tangible reward system for good behavior while also encouraging the kids to be more resourceful and creative with their supplies since the slices of paper are no longer infinite.

The list also included some items that maybe are not considered crafty in the most literal sense.  I also stocked up on water balloons, supplies to have our own field day, and pavers so we can build a permanent tic-tac-toe board in the yard.   The dry goods and cosmetics also got refilled since we will be using borax, salt, flour, cream of tartar, shaving cream, cornstarch and food coloring so we can do projects like gak, homemade play-doh and salt dough ceramics.

Add in the classics like a kiddie-pool, sprinkler, water table, sandbox and endless kick-balls...well, you are go for launch on a super fun, kid-centered summer. Granted we also have a zoo membership and are getting a season beach pass, so these might be permanently added to the list depending on this year's level of success. I will confess here that summer essentials also includes a weekly run to the library for movies, because we will do a movie afternoon at least once a week.  My kids are obsessed with Harry Potter so we have been seeing a lot of Hermione, Luna and Ginny around here.  I feel like TV is OK as long as it promotes good role models right? Right?  And they are also super into Minecraft and The Sims...so yeah, we get our fair share of screen time, but whatever, life is about balance and all that.

While the quintessential summer supply might "fun," I find that having all these other supplies around means we actually have fun instead of 8 solid weeks of bickering, whining and heat induced arguing.

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Ginger said...

I am such a slacker mom. My kid doesn't get any of this kind of thing (well, he has a neverending supply of construction paper, but yeah, despite my arty husband, we don't do many crafts around the house). Your kids should be well prepared to have a lot of fun this summer!