18 June 2013

When You Just Need to Write

I started blogging here for all the usual reasons I suppose.  I needed an outlet, I needed a community and a sense of self.  My story is not unique in the world of "mommy-bloggers."  None the less, it is my story, and so I shall tell it.

I had been blogging for a while by running my crafting blog Full of Knit and running a family blog that basically was a glorified scrapbook for distant friends and family.   By getting my foot in the door with small projects, I found this whole amazing community of bloggers (mostly women) who were all doing what I was doing, but writing about it.  These women were putting into words all the thoughts and feelings I was having.  They were discussing, debating and researching issues about which I was passionate.  This was more than posting pictures of babies and sharing scarf patterns, this was an entire world of women sharing their experiences and voices about things that matter.

Fast forward and now I am following several blogs and really feeling like I want to get involved, but lacking a proper forum for what I wanted to say.  The family blog has remained a family photo blog and while I am not really too squeamish about putting my kids on the web, it just wasn't the right place to take this step.  Full of Knit could have been reformatted for this need, but it had a kind of niche feeling and at the time, I wanted to keep the focus there on the crafting as a forum for my tentative exploration of the whole Etsy thing.  I knew I wanted to talk about other aspects of my life too.  This should be a place to talk about books, politics, parenting as an academic pursuit, my experience as a wife/mother...all the topics that lacked a home in my other spaces.

So there I was, pregnant with my second baby, far from "home" in a miserable VA summer, sick as hell with HG and for some reason infuriated by the recent newss about a the lawsuits against "Baby Einstein."  That day The Well-Read Mom was born.  

Now I have an outlet for all my thinking that goes unused and perhaps unappreciated in my current day-job.  Right now, my job is laundry and school runs, field day and summer reading programs.  I love it, but it is not always mentally fulfilling. I don't generally find myself in situation where anyone has the time or inclination to discuss recent legislation or that new study on organic cheese.  Blogging fills that void.  By writing here and reading what other smart, strong women have to say on their blogs, I can reclaim that feeling of being intelligent, outspoken and engaged.

This post is part of Ginger's Bring the Words prompt/link-up event.  You should definitely head to Ramble Ramble and check out her blog and all the amazing blogger who are participating.


Ginger said...

I'm so glad you started blogging and sharing the stuff you think about--your blog is one of the ones that makes me think along with becoming invested in your life!