30 July 2013

Required Reading: Military Sexual Assault Primer

I officially have some rage.  As we all watch the military flail under public scrutiny regarding sexual assault cases, it is a full on epic level of bad management.  From the systems in place, to the refusal to change and back again to the culture that tacitly endorses this behavior...well, in the words of another famous rage monster "This all seems...horrible."  As each new cases arises, or new article gets published, I feel like I need to comment.  Now all the commenting has become way too much to deal with as individual posts (we would have to rename this blog since pointing out the awful could become a full-time job) so here is a quick and dirty rundown of articles you all need to read to get the picture.  Tomorrow I will discuss two of the newer articles in a bit more depth because, as always, I do need to say it again.

In review, since May all of this has happened:

And these are just the cases we have seen covered by the media...the mind boggles at what might be happening overall.  In total: lots of service members are being sexually assaulted/harassed while serving and military leaders are clinging like desperate cast-aways to old entrenched "protect the commanding officer" mentalities.  Currently military leadership has presented to the American public a complete disinterest in addressing the problem beyond politically wise sound-bytes and an utter disdain for anyone who dares question the fine upstanding tradition that has led to this situation in the first-place.  Fair warning: tomorrows articles will make this lack of progress look like baby-town frolics...gird your loins.