25 September 2013

The Continuing Adventure of Awkward Alexis

The whole bus-stop situation continues to be a brilliant parody of itself.  Sure it is nice to have some other parents around, to have someone to chit chat with while waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the bus...but sweet pole-dancing Jesus, I am bored to tears.  So, having made my peace with the fact that I am not going to be besties with any of these folks (Civil and happy neighbors? Sure. Beyond that? Not so sure.) I figure eh, might as well be myself.  My real self cant be much more awkward than me pretending to be a grown-up, well behaved version of myself...right? 

So fast forward to Monday morning.  I get Charlie on the bus and say to Liz "ready to play LEGO while I run?"  Liz asks me for "music, not a podcast."  This inspires one of my neighbors to inquire what podcast she is talking about.  I respond that I am getting caught up with "Welcome to Night Vale." 

"Oh, what's that?"

Well, here we go people, let your geek flag fly...

"It is like 'Lake Woebegon' only if the town is Lovecraftian. It is hilarious and very clever."


"Well, that seems....interesting."

Yup, she dropped the "i bomb."  So now she seems pretty sure that I am odd.  I don't really care, I am generally thought odd, it works for me.  However, I can't help but enjoy the irony here.  Am I really the crazy one here?  I mean we are talking about a trio of adults who spent the better part of 30 minutes discussing a fourth neighbor who had a car leave their driveway at 3:45am and just why that might be.  Not sure what is more offensive about that.  The whole "Hot Fuzz" style NWA that makes every single person in the development aware that a car left the driveway of a house at 3:45am or the fact that not a single person bothered to check in with said neighbors and see if they are OK.  Maybe they had company, maybe one of them has taken a lover, maybe someone had to rush to the ER...if you are curious just fricking ask next time you see them.  Or maybe don't.  Maybe get a hobby you nosy weirdos. There is a word for people who monitor other adults coming and goings without expressed permission.  The word is "stalker." 

So yeah.  I figure screw it, I will be my odd, geeky self and they can be pod people.  At least in this particular rendition of Arcadia I am the person looking in and wondering "what the hell people?" Everyone with walk away happy so who cares. 

Pod people: 0, Awkward Alexis: 1.