24 October 2013

Robot Overlords

Most of today's babble is brought to you by all the technology that has permeated every inch of my life.

First,  I went on an "unsubscribe" campaign for all my/our e-mail accounts.  Now I need to point out that I am juggling 4-5 email accounts daily.  Lest you think I am a crazy person, or an international spy (wink, wink) here is the breakdown:

  • Personal - uses my real name, used for stuff in my real-life that is not blog or family related.
  • Family- uses our combined names, used for doctors, dentists, school, kid activities, library etc.  
  • Blog-the e-mail I use here, linked with blog, Twitter, any thing I do as "TheWellReadMom"
  • Crafty Blog-linked to FullofKnit, kept separate because it also serves my crafty buying/selling, Ravelry, Etsy etc.
  • House- We set up an account for dealing with real estate and then continued to use it for all our dealings with contractors, repair people, utilities and so on.

Now this seems like a lot, but really it isn't especially when my phone will collect and sort it all so all I do is check it when the notification bubble gets big-ish. The system is actually pretty good except for the endless junk e-mail.  Every single thing we have ever done with any of the accounts then gets daily, weekly or monthly mail.  Frankly, I don't want any of it.  Daily e-mails will not make me buy more tack for a horse I don't have (Dover), purchase turtlenecks I don't like (looking at you LLBean) or use coupons for things I don't buy (CVS).  So, for one week I pledged to hit the unsubscribe button on every item I considered junk. It was a pain, not going to lie, but now I get maybe 5 e-mails a week vs. 15-20 a day.  Do it! You won't regret it.  I am also raising the question as to if this is even a useful marketing tool anymore.  With FB and Twitter I feel like advertising via e-mail, or even regular mail, might be losing value.  Can't say for sure, but something to mull over...

In other tech news we have cracked and become "those people."  By that I mean those people with an iPad. Arguably the last thing we need in this house full of desktops, laptops, game consoles and blu-ray players is more tech, but my netbook is failing fast and when you have four computer using people in the house, sometimes more really is more.  I am telling myself that it is OK since I replacing a computer with said tablet and because this really does put us in a position where we have enough, decent quality, computing devices that we won't be in a computer crunch as the kids age and need computer access for school.  In actuality I just fancied the damn thing and Chris was sick of me being signed into Twitter on his desktop.  We have now moved beyond first-world problems into like "premier" world problems, but whatever.  It gets here next week and I have a sweet-ass yellow case for it. So there.

Lastly, I taught Chris how to use the DM feature on Twitter today.  My apologies to anyone who has had to watch us talk back and forth these past months.  I imagine we are only clever in our own heads.  On the upside this made me think long and hard about using Twitter in this way and I think it is very interesting how there seem to be unspoken rules for what you share in a public conversation vs. DM.  From a professional sense that is.  Clearly keep the sexting and junk pics on the private channels people, unless you are someone whose business/social media persona utilizes sexting and junk pics, in which case, go nuts! (Ha! Nuts!) My point here is that I will publicly point people to links, articles or tweets that might be useful to the Twitter persona they manage while I will keep all the other crap to DMs.  For some people, their twitter/blog personas are their real-selves (mostly true for me), but for others this is not so true and I try to be respectful of that when I shove people's handles into public conversation.  I can't define the line in my head, but I feel like we know it when we see it.

So that is all the tech news from RI!

The robot overlords are doing well with their assimilation plan here at the T-K House.