04 November 2013

A Day In The Land of the Well-Read Mom

This is a prompt from Ginger's Bring Back the Words Link-Up which you should totally go check out.

I did this post via Ginger at Ramble Ramble years ago...my how things have changed.  Please do go and read that  post for some insight into why I am over the moon estatic every day that dawns and Chris is no longer on a submarine.  Life now certainly holds its challenges, but the combination of my kids being older and my husband being treated like a human being certainly makes life just that bit easier.

0:00- I am generally asleep by now, though being up reading or just plain not sleeping for as yet unknown reasons, is not unheard of.

0:00-05:55- Usually sleep, often interrupted by a kids needing something, but still, 5+ hours is totally a win in my book.

05:55- Chris' alarm goes off. I often sleep through this, though I am generally awoken by the 15 minutes that he spends in bed sighing and being quietly dramatic about the necessity to rise. I get it, but some mornings I just want to scream "get the hell up, some of us were up all night with sick kids and need to rest before the littles get up!" I don't, but the impulse is there.

07:00- Chris has showered, made coffee and left.

07:15- Charlie's alarm goes off and we start "Morning Routine" of getting dressed, fed and out the door to the bus. While the kids eat I usually do whatever dishwasher activities are needed and toss in a load of laundry.

08:10-Charlie gets on the bus and Liz and I head back to the house for our day.

08:15-12:00(ish)- Liz and I hang out.  What we do varies.  I consider this to be "open block." We usually do some "school," an art project and read a few stories.  Liz will play independently while I do housework or admin. Sometimes I run while she plays in the playroom, sometimes she chills with a video so I can do half an hour of housework or we run errands as needed.  Wednesday mornings are for library and story time, but after that we take it as each day comes.

12:00(ish)- Lunch for Lizzie then she heads to her room of nap/quiet time.  At almost four she doesn't nap a lot, but some days she sleeps and either way the 45 minutes of down time helps us all so much.

13:00-15:00- Liz does quiet time or sleeps, if she sleeps then no biggie, if she doesn't then she definitively chills on the sofa with a cartoon so she can reset for the afternoon.  I use this time to finish housework like folding the laundry, make phone calls and make sure dinner is all set. I will do meal prep now for tonight and/or prep what will go in the crock pot tomorrow. I may try and workout now if I have everything else under control. 

15:00 to 16:00- more "open block" style stuff with Liz.  Last chance for a pre-bedtime run if Liz is rested enough to play while I run and not torment me the entire time.

16:00- Charlie gets off the school bus and our afternoon routine kicks in.  Home for tea and Charlie does her homework while I repack her lunch box and we then prepare her backpack for the next day.  (Except Tuesdays when Charlie has a 16:30 riding lesson, then we change fast, walk down to the barn and do HW/prep while I make dinner upon our return.) Once HW is done the kids play and I make dinner.  They play in the playroom or play some Minecraft. 

17:30(ish)- Chris is usually home, we eat dinner together whenever he is home. Not going to sugar coat this, he often works late 2-3 nights a week and travels at least one week a month, but still an improvement.

18:30-Dinner generally done. If Chris is home we split kitchen and bath duty, if I am on my own then we do them sequentially. If dinner is done early enough sometimes we play a game together or the kids show Chris what they built that day in their computer games.

**Some nights we have events at school or the library, so eary dinner before said events then pick up at bed time when we return. Twice a month we have LEGO club, one Friday a month is movie night at the library, the PTO runs an event each month...you get the idea.**

19:00- This is generally bed time.  By now Liz is in full screaming meanie mode if she did not nap and Charlie is exhausted from school (good exhausted, but tired none the less.) Stories are read, kids are tucked in then lights out.  Charlie may stay up and read a few chapters in whatever book she is reading, I leave that up to her since it is her tired butt dragging to the bus the next day.

19:30-?- This is my/our time. I should run if I have not yet managed, but rarely do.  Chris and I may play a board game, often I knit, read, and talk to my mum on the phone, while he plays some computer games. I will finish up stray housework as needed.

22:00- We are generally in bed by now, though we may watch some TV, I might read a while.

23:00- Official "bed time" assuming no great books or kid crises are going on. 

Rinse and repeat the next day.

It is all in all pretty un-exciting and seems like I don't do much all day. However, I rarely sit down and relax during the day so I must be doing something.  Somewhere along the line the house stays clean, the kids stay educated, food gets bought/cooked and we all have clean knickers.  While working out and eating meals other than dinner rarely works out for me, I can think of worse lives to be living.