06 November 2013

As An Adult, My Definition Of "Exciting" Has Changed

We are having a six yard dumpster delivered tomorrow so we can clean out the shed, unfinished FROG, garage and basement. I know you are like super green jell-o right now. *flips hair if one can flip a pixie cut* Oh the glamour.

Now I am genuinely excited about this not only due to my undying love of purging things. (My Throw Out Fifty Things mentality has achieved cult-like status.) It is also because we are going to put in the second bathroom. Therefore, we need to clear out the unfinished over-the-garage space and find new homes for all the crap. Add in that we have lived here a year and I still have boxes that we have never needed to open...yeah, we can chuck some stuff.

I feel a little guilty that we are going to throw so much away, though most of the debris is the dead fencing that needs to get out of the shed and take its buggy, moldy self off my property. None the less, I feel some remorse that we are not making more of an effort to sell/donate some stuff, but honestly...not worth the trouble. Many of these items have weathered 4-5 military moves and require repairs that greatly exceed the original cost of the item. I will just have to remind myself that a lamp missing a critical element with a dented lampshade helps no one. Recycle the bits I can then toss the rest.

As for the bathroom, I find this task daunting. I will have to make big decisions, interact with people, manage contractors and deal with some household chaos. None of these are strong points for me. Some of the renovation drama can be reduced thanks to the area already being studded, framed, piped and wired for said bathroom. All we need is insulation, flooring, walls and fixtures. That is still a lot to deal with, in my mind anyway, but it could be worse. After all, enduring a home renovation is definitively in the category of first-world problems, so I must keep that in mind.

As we celebrate our first Veteran's Day as an official Veteran Family, I will force Chris to labor round the clock on clearing the yard and cleaning out every single container in the house. What a happy holiday it will be.

In closing I need to ask the interwebs for some input: Given the chance to build a bathroom, what would you want and/or expressly forbid?

I would love to hear what everyone likes or hates about their current bathrooms so I can have some idea what this new one should have. Is a bath in the master suite a must or bust; I don't really care but future buyers might. Double sinks? Necessary to prevent divorce or just twice the cleaning? I hate tile floors, but is linoleum too 1980s?

...I will be over here breathing into this brown paper bag, but please carry on...



Alicen said...

Oh the fun! We (actually Brian since he finally bothered to fix the bathroom AFTER we moved out) had to go through this with the CT house. Did most of the work ourselves but anyway. I personally do not care about a separate bath but it does seem to be a major selling point to potential buyers in a master suite for whatever reason. As for double sinks, I really seem to like them and they don't add much cleaning. Not sure whether it is the actual 2 sinks or just the greater storage compacity but I have grown fond of them. Now the tile. There are some nice tile options out there now as well as fake tile options. The only thing I would be concerned with the non-tile option is will moisture seep between the minute crack between the "tiles". I guess they do still do have linoleum on the role so maybe there are no seams so this is a non-issue. I don't know enough about it but something to think about.