02 November 2013

Big Girl Time

Lizzie will be turning four in 10 days. While that certainly makes her a big girl, the real big girl time was had by Charlie and me.  We went shopping for Liz's gifts this morning and we had so much fun.  I feel like I hardly see Charlie anymore.  She is at school most of the day Monday to Friday and on the weekends she and Chris are thick as thieves.  Seems crazy to miss someone you see everyday, especially when you spend 14 plus hours a day serving as their personal consierge, but I do.  I miss her bunches.

We started with a stop for coffee where she even got to get her own kiddie coffee* then it was off to the shops.  She brought along the freshly reprogrammed NOOK with a chapter book on board and read to me so we could talk about the story while we were driving.  She is so proud to be reading "real books" and using the special book reader.  It makes me happy to see that my kids genuinely enjoy reading, regardless of their skill level.  If that is as far we get, I will consider it a win. 

Charlie did a great job helping me pick out gifts from the long list of "I wants" that Liz had complied.  As nearly four-year-olds generally are, Liz is in love with every toy she sees.  We settled on a hair styling chair for her doll (the two of them play this elaborate role-play game entitled Konas' Kut and Kurl, this will be perfect) and some Minecraft shirts/gear.  Charlie was so sweet when she was deciding what Liz would like best, what we should get now, and what we should get for Christmas. It is almost like she is a full on human or something.

We talked about school, the barn and her friends. We looked at Ugly Turkey decorations (another ridiculous long-standing family tradition). It was just a plain good time.  At our stop for sandwiches she chose lunch for Liz and Daddy. While she is very much six, there are times when she just "gets" the people around her.  She often displays compassion and insights that make me so proud of the person she is, and the person she will become. 

Parenting is hard. Raising girls is damn hard. However, on days like today, it is the easiest, most rewarding thing in the world. 

For those moments when our children help us see what great parents we can be, we give thanks. 

* I should note here that six-year-olds on caffeine are hilarious.