01 November 2013

Even More Robot Overlords

Today's big success was clearing and re-registering my NOOK so the kids can start using it.  Set up the kid computer with the software to borrow books from the library and removed any traces of Fifty Shades of Grey from this here device I will be handing off to my children.  While waiting for things to sync and update I Googled how to restore the NOOK to its factory setting and start again. Goddess have mercy there is no level of hell like forums where people feel compelled to demonstrate their technical prowess.  Post after post of crazy schemes raging from taking it to a store because only B&N employees can do this all the way to breaking the damn thing open and replacing internal components. That is a full-on "nope" to all.

When all was said and done, all you do it go into "Setting" and hit the button that says "Reset to factory settings." Yup. Just like that and I did it all by myself, with my tiny little non-IT trained woman brain.  So the point to this fairly uninteresting and unremarkable story if this: it is hilarious to me how hard people will make dealing with tech support just so they can seem smarter.

I have seen it time and time again. Paragraphs of directions for c:dos, c:dosrun instructions when all you need to do is reboot in restore mode. Fifteen pages of code when all you need to is hit the "update registration button." Why has computer savvy/competent become synonymous with being the IT guy as immortalized by Jimmy Fallon?  You know what makes you look smart? Getting the job done correctly and quickly. All the added babble to make you look like you have some kind of intellectual superiority only serves to make you look like a tool.

Now with all that said I almost punched Chris because he can not, will not, (sweet baby Jesus why can't you do this?!) master iTunes.  I feel about his inability to differentiate between the "songs" list and individual playlists how he feels about people who confuse "race" and "class" when playing Munchkin. We all have our crosses to bear I suppose. So let's raise a glass to our beloved IT people (both my BILs are IT guys so I am genuinely in awe of what they do all day, no sarcasm, dead serious) who make us grateful for user friendly buttons and common sense programming.

For those who make living with technology too hard and too joyless, we pray.