14 November 2013


Today was a day that went well, and things got done, but it really felt like everything I did took longer to do that was really necessary. I find this expecially frustrating because I feel like I can't remember the last time that I went to do a task and didn't have it complicated by one of my housemates. Can't make coffee because the Keurig reservoir is empty (with a huge flashing light, what the hell is wrong with you that you don't notice that! Ahem.). Can't pee because the last person left an empty roll of toilet paper. Dishes all over the place, toys left out, things not put back where they belongs...looks like we need to have our quarterly discussion about me not being a maid. I am sick to death of dealing with the detritus of the three other people who live here, please for the love of all that is holy, put stuff back when you are done!

Of course, with all that being said, when the bathrooms need cleaning, laundry needs doing and I have three phone calls to make, what am I doing? Steam cleaning the kitchen cabinets because the coffee spots were bothering me. Turns out that having the steamer out was pretty helpful when Chris' current batch of beer exploded all over the brewing closet, but still, probably wasn't the most useful way to use my time. On the upside, my whole kitchen looks amazing, turns out cabinets that don't have coffee spots and dish soap splatters look much nicer.

Been running a bit, somewhat restricted by the piriformis pull. Have to do 20 minutes of light jogging and walking, then yoga to stretch it all out. It is working, the pain in the ass workouts are already reducing the pain in my ass, but it made me realize how much I like just plain running.

On that note some girlfriends of mine are doing a trio of half marathons next year. One in May, one in July and one in October. I want to do it, but I feel overwhelmed by the training, but also feel like if I don't commit to something big, I will never get my buns in gear. I must think on this, but I am, shockingly even to myself, really considering it. I will not be fast, and it won't be pretty, but to say I ran some halfs would be such a bucket-list style thing I may just need to put my big-girl sports bra on and do it. Who cares if it takes me 4 hours, still better than never having tried one right?

We need to discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. at length, but for now can I just say OMG YES! I am loving it, great cast, classic Whedon stuff, Clark Greg is killing it as my favorite shield agent...this Marvel fangirl is very pleased.

Tomorrow is finally Friday, longest 4 day week ever. Next week looks like getting Charlie to the ENT for a tonsillectomy consult (thanks three cases of tonsillitis in two months!) and getting calls in to contractors for the bathroom. Soon I can be one of those suburban people who wanks about the ordeal of a home remodel. Because, you know, "it's loud with the shop vac on."