21 November 2013

Reading List

Today was a bit hectic. Early dismissal, riding lesson, cleaning for an IL visit and trying to explain to the ENT surgical center the online paperwork is done. Like no really, for real, it is done. The whole debacle had me saying "yes, I filled in the medical passport" and the receptionist saying "you have to do the paperwork on our website" and then me saying "what do I click to do this paperwork?" And her saying "the tab that says 'medical passport'" then my head exploding. Only counting to like a trillion kept from yelling "oh just call me when you figure out how to use your own website, until then fuck off." There may be some hormonal-related hostility here, but honestly, this would be well beyond my coping skills even on my best day.

Anyway, today I have a few news items and blog posts that you might like.

  • Anna Mardoll wrote some great posts on the Goldiblox thing. Her initial post talks about women and STEM retention rates, while the follow up discusses GoldieBlox specifically. Both are great reads with even better comments. These do a way better job of explaining what I was trying to get at with my recent post on the matter.
  • My other article is just some follow up on Senator Gillibrand's bill to remove sexual assault investigations from the chain of command. As usual Republicans are doing whatever they can to not let a vote happen. Because of course they are. Apparently Jesus only said "support the troops" with the disclaimer of "unless they are gay, or slutty enough to get raped." I also really resent the fact that the reporting of this news had to mention that the senators involved have suffered a personal rift as a result of the debate. I suspect that we wouldn't have to hear the implication of emotional flare-ups if this was a pair of male senators. It is the little things that just wear down my feminist soul.

That is probably plenty of negativity for one day. Now for a Angry Orchard Shake and some TV. Serenity now!