15 November 2013

Recipe Time

Hey, I have a great recipe to share. Even better, it isn't really a recipe. It's not even for food. It is for drinks! Which are really the best kind of food when you think about it.

I am currently obsessed with making Angry Orchard Milkshakes. I had a "beer shake" made with Blue Moon and Cointreau at a Red Robin recently and it rocked my world. So I got to thinking that this technology can't be that hard to master. It surely was not.

So basically, mix vanilla ice cream with a bottle of Angry Orchard Cider. Three good sized scoops seems to make two nicely sized cocktails when blended with a 12 ounce bottle. Any flavor of the cider will do, but I have personally found the Cinnful Apple one makes the tastiest version, with the Ginger one being a close second. Of course this is hardly rocket science, so use whatever cider you like and go nuts.

You are welcome.