18 November 2013

thewellreadmom: 1, Robot Overlords: 0

Upon getting the iPad I was excited to drop my netbook like a bad habit. Unfortunately, this made blogging a bit difficult. I run my blogs via Blogger (for now, given that Google won't let me pay them for the domain names, we may not be a couple much longer, but that is a whole other can of worms) and frankly, the blogger site on the tablet is awful. After much research I was torn between Blogpress and Blogsy.

I started with Blogpress since it got better reviews in the "ease of use" category, but that was not really my experience. Apparently there is a point and click style tool bar that makes writing posts easy. Instead of writing the HTML, these buttons will do it for you like the "compose" window in Blogger. I am sure that is true, but I could not get the toolbar to show up. No matter what I did in the settings, no matter how I re-installed, no matter how many help forum posts I read, in my app, there was no toolbar. Do not bother with this one.

Then I moved on to Blogsy, which was described as a bit harder to master, but overall useful. Honestly, since the tool bar actually showed up on this one, it was like 1000000% easier to use. There were a few stumbles as I got going, but soon I got the hang of it. About 60% of the problem was user error since I have been a Windows girl for so long that mastering the "art" of iOS/touch screen navigation did take some time. As for the other 40%? The Blogsy "help" feature is actually helpful. If you want to know how to do something, check out the help section and the answer will actually be there. Written in English, not IT jargon so the creators feels smart, often there are videos. All the tools are drag and drop, adding pictures and videos is super easy. This app means I never need to use anything other than the iPad to blog.

If you want to blog from the tablet Blogsy is where it's at.