02 January 2014


Here we are firing up for a new calendar year. Last year was pretty good to us. We finally own a house, paid off the Honda (no car payments FTW!), and Chris is still in love with his new job. It was not all rainbows and unicorns, but despite two ENT surgeries, lots of work travel, changing Charlie's school and the general malarky that accompanies having a kid in the 3.5-4 range...we have all emerged more or less unscathed and better for it all.

I am already over the idea of resolutions, I cant even be bothered to look up last year's and lament/celebrate. I do, however, want to set some goals to serve as guidance for my year. Not so much hard and fast success/fail declarations, but just some touchpoints to remind me of the big picture when faced with the increasingly common feeling of just being adrift in this world of SAHM-dom.

Health and Fitness

  • Mostly I just want to keep at the running and working out. I feel better physically and mentally when I take that time and work my body. There is a trio of St. Patrick's Day 5Ks I would love to run. Not a huge challenge, but a good motivaton to keep going even when winter is coming (and the nights are dark and full of terrors.)
  • No more dieting. No Weight Watchers, no food journals, no cave-man/tribal bullshit. I will feed my body healthy foods because they taste good and are good for me. In a convoluted tale for another day, I have found that there is no way to make my fat (but healthy) body thin without making myself unhealthy, both mentally and physically. D.O.N.E.
  • No more obsession with the scale or the number on my clothing tags. As long as I am fit and healthy, the fact that my pants say 8, 18, 28 or whatever has no meaning.
  • Read. Last year I totally did not keep track of my books and now I really wish I had. Not only do I want to read at least 52 books, I hope to actually keep track.


  • Work through the yarn stash. If I knit a skein a week, I would still not use more than 75% of the yarn I own. I feel no shame about this, people spend way more on hobbies that are far more idiotic (fishing and lawn maintenance come to mind), but the yarn should be used, enjoyed and turned into items that will make friends and family happy.
  • Do more charity crafting. I didn't do as much of that last year, and I miss doing those projects. I dont have gobs of cash, but I do have time and some skills to make things that charities need.


  • I will get this bathroom put in if it kills me.
  • Sort out the kitchen cabinets, a year later it is about time to overhaul the organization and maybe get rid of some stuff.
  • Fix the twidly stuff: repace some trim, paint a few walls, regrout the shower...little things that are not hard, or immediately required for safe daily living, but sure do make the place look better.


  • Either get Lizzie in kindergarten in the fall, or plan a homechooling curriculum that put her in first grade for school year 2015/16. She is 100% ready for school and, not to be that parent, she will be bored to tears as a second child/girl/physically large child/kid that is much older than her proposed peers, so we need to get organized about that.
  • Ditch the training wheels, it is time, it will make life way easier.
  • Try and be more patient with them. Too many years of organizing my life around the endless and unpredictable whims of my family has left me a bit...touchy...about things that are just kids being kids.

OK. Let's do this. Despte 2014 kicking off with a broken down car (while in NY on vacation, car still in NY getting fixed and me driving my parents' Hummer H3 like a deranged person), a snowstorm and a To-Do List that is already growing 3x as fast as I can cross stuff off, I think it will be a great year.