24 March 2014

"Ha Ha Ha!" said the Universe.

So when I last wrote here I was high on the feeling of getting my life back in order.  The house was under control, the kids were being reformed, the partner was being trained and life was oh so good.  Well, that didn't last long.

The afternoon after that post I got a call from the school that Charlie had thrown up all over the classroom and needed to be picked up. Soon we were eyeballs deep in a Norovirus outbreak that may go down in RI history.  The school had the health department in for guided cleanings, attendance was bordering on too low to bother keeping school open and everyone was so sick. Just so sick.  Charlie gave it to Liz, who gave it to me, then I passed it on to Chris and just when all that was clearing up...Liz woke up from her nap screaming in pain from her ear.  The cherry on top of my week was her having lost a tube and immediately developing an ear infection. A trip to the pediatrician and the ENT later we are all cleared up and hoping that we don't need a new set of tubes, but we probably will, so there is that to which I can look forward. Add in the continued stress (though it is the good kind) of  installing the bathroom and the stress (the not-so-good kind) of getting the garage fixed and yet again, my life was in shambles and we are finally coming out of that.

Today we got back on track with chores and routines.  Chris did all the vacuuming this weekend and I feel like my life is back under control.  The bathroom has walls and the giant hole in my garage is gone. I can finish my birthday shopping for Charlie online today (ma babeh! She will be 7! What!?!). We have survived the next round of life's little challenges and maybe I can even get back to blogging and other recreational things like showering every day and reading the four new comics that are calling to me from the shelf in the study.

A woman can dream anyway...