09 May 2014


Yet again this space has been languishing while I fail to write.  I wish I could say we had been doing something exciting or dramatic, but alas, just your usual pesky "life" stuff.  Basically I just need to do a brain hard-reset here and get some disjointed ramblings out of my head so I can settle down and maybe write some actual, content-filled posts in the near future. So here we go...

  • Got the bathroom done, which was great, but did involve also having to redo the entire garage ceiling. Twice. Long story short, plumber installed pipes in not-insulated, unfinished, over-the-garage space during March in RI and did not insulate said pipes. He also left water in the pipes by way of leaving the main shower valve in the full "on" position therefore, the pipe cap ruptured and turned my freshly wired bathroom shell into a water-park. We later come to learn that the completely avoidable incident could have been remedied had the drain been operational, but it was not because said plumber never verified that the existing draining pipes were fully connected to the outgoing drainage system.  So he built me a busted up shower to nowhere and trashed my entire finished garage because he was too stupid to check the existing piping/make sure the valves were off before he left for the day.  He then proceeded to get his idiot friend to "totally fix the ceiling, no worries" and somehow managed to make the whole thing look even worse than when the ceiling was ripped down. My primary contractor made it all go away and all is now well, but it was just not what I had in mind when we ordered up a four-week bathroom install.  Got to give the plumber credit though, he cheerily handed over a stack of business cards and told me to recommend him to anyone who needed work done. Seriously? Go fuck yourself.
  • My children have decided that they are never going to sleep ever again, and since I can't sleep while they are awake and messing around in their rooms at 10 pm (a problem that doesn't seem to plague Chris) I am also not sleeping. I have no idea what to do about this, it is not like you can sleep-train kids at 4.5 and 7, but something has got to give.  Honestly, I am considering just putting them to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until they shut the fuck up and go to sleep at a reasonable hour.  If it is going to take you 5 hours of bullshit and whining to get to sleep, then I guess bed-time is 4:30 so I can go to bed before midnight.  Have fun!
  • On the upside, the finished bathroom has inspired us to get on with the yearly house overhaul. I cleaned out the kids room, sorted books and clothes, and moved the furniture in our room around so now it actually feels like a "master suite" and not just just a random over-sized room with a bed jammed in it.  (Ha! Spell-check wanted to make "over-sized" into "oversexed"...oh how this thing gets me!) Did the garden and the mulching.  Got all my crafting stuff out of the dining room hutch so now the dining room doesn't look like a yarn/fabric shop exploded and ate a wing of our house. This weekend is haul out the kitchen cabinets and repair the wall in the kids bathroom complete with fancy new fairy-tale themed paint job.  Apparently we are going to be living here, like for more than 2 years (still not used to that idea), so we might as well make it look cool.  Planning to decorate our master suite in a geek theme, is its too much to paint the door to the storage space like the Tardis?
  • I am 100% over Mother's Day and may be declaring it the most anti-feminist holiday of all times. My neighbor was all pissy because he planned a 12 hour day of touring local outdoor historic sites with his wife and kids to celebrate the day (just no, like a million times no), and all she wants to do is lock herself in the bedroom, watch Netflix and take a bath in some goddamn peace and quiet.  So now he is butt-hurt because she won't celebrate her day the way he and their sons think she should.  Well, that pretty much sums it up.  The Mother's day message is "buy the woman who you never thank the other 364 days of the year for all her unending work some impersonal jewelry (all chicks like jewelry) or a vacuum cleaner (cuz ladies love to be cleaning, am I right bro?) and then force her to endure an endless litany of what you think she should be wanting to do." This is why we have cancelled all Hallmark holidays at my house.  Too much patriarchal bullshit. 
  • Also, I don't need a special day, because other than the not sleeping thing, may family is almost recognizable as human beings these days. Chris lets me know when he is coming home from work and then...get this...actually sticks to the agreed upon time frame.  When he wanted to disappear all day Saturday to play board-games with a co-worker, he then spent Sunday finishing up the bathroom and mowing the lawn without me having to ask.  Not that our marriage is based on some kind of quid pro quo, you get X only if I get Y, but this shows a genuine awareness of the fact that someone has to do this stuff, and that if he is not here doing it, it still needs to be done.  He now seems cognizant of the fact that all this work gets done by someone, not magic house-elves, and that the someone in question shouldn't always be me by default. Not to imply that he is bad person/partner/father who doesn't think he should support my bits of our lives, but he has spend three decades operating in a very simple binary of "is this a problem for me at this minute? If yes, fix it, if not...hey no problem then, carry on."  I would say accidental narcissism as a consequence of genius, but I might be biased because I love the hell out of this man. 
That certainly feels better.  Part of my "May Plan To Get My Shit Together" is blogging, and now I feel like I can tackle that.  This blog, and the crafty blog since I now belong to a knitting group and have this odd thing knows as "friends who share my interests," will hopefully be seeing more action.  Cheers!


Alicen said...

Sounds like you have some fun stuff going on...not. Hey at least the bathroom is done.

I am so with you on the Mothers day thing. My mom keeps asking over and over if we are doing anything "special". When I answer her with no there is this long pause. It's nice to get a card and have the husband cook for a change but come on, it's just another day.

Also you should totally try some melatonin with the kids for the sleep issue. I am not usually one for drugging kids but that stuff was a godsend when we moved back from HI and I still use it on occasion now when the kids are wired. Also brought some for this summer when we will be traveling to many different time zones. I would start with .5 mg and then if they need more you can go up to 1 mg. Get either the liquid or a chewable and give it about an hour before bedtime. Just used it the other night for my two and it is like miracle potion or something! Not one peep. Emma gets excited when she gets "sleep vitamins" now. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed (I hope for your sake).