12 June 2014

Bugging Out

Well, it finally happened. Charlie got the dreaded head-lice. It was exactly as traumatic as you imagine. Granted, when you have kids in a school setting it is really a matter of when not if, so I guess it was our turn.
Of course, knowing far too much about parasitic diseases and transmission thereof did not make the, no joke, 20 loads of laundry and full house cleaning extravaganza any less irritating.  While it was handy that I have experience with the full-home-decontamination procedure, when you have that in your skill set, you do kind of start to question your life choices.


Should the average layperson be this familiar with how to kill it with fire?

Looking back we have done scabies, impetigo, head-lice, Lyme disease, ENT stuff to the max and oh so much wound care.  I can de-gravel road rash, remove ticks and handle all manner of exercise related injuries. Stress fractures, sprained ankles, shin splints and ganglion cysts don't stand a chance under my diligent care.  I am very familiar with per kilo dosing of roughly seven thousand medication from OTC Tylenol to schedule III narcotics.  You name an item and I know how to sterilize it.

All this and yet I am not a doctor, field medic or even relatively well skilled under-cover secret agent.  Nope, this is just average life when you have kids.  Or maybe just accident prone adults...a not insignificant amount of that craziness is from Chris and me.

What I am trying to say here is "use condoms people."  

Kids inevitably lead to the need for decontamination and that, my friends, is not for the faint of heart.