17 June 2014

Plague House

I was going to write more about the Common Core Hysteria, but Liz is sick and this week is Spirit Week at school so I have a metric ton of tutus to make...so, let's whine about sick kids for a few minutes instead.

Liz has a random fever.  This makes her not sleep. This makes me deliver quite the lecture when she had ripped me from REM sleep for the fourth time on Sunday night.  Having finally snapped and told her that "I am a human being not your all-night concierge, I deserve to sleep and you are going to let me do that now,'' I go in for a kiss and discover that she has a fever of like 103F.  Best. Mom. Ever!

Of course, that is her only symptom.  Just a fever and some fatigue, maybe from illness, maybe from just plain not sleeping well.  Naturally I am convinced that she is having a Lyme relapse/reinfection.  While I did not find any lice on her last week, I did find, and inadvertently kill with prophylactic lice treatments, two ticks.  Add this to another two she picked up on a hike a few weeks ago and I am like 10000000000% convinced she has active Lyme again. No rash anywhere, but her last rash was only around for, no joke, less than a day, so if it is in her hair, I may have missed it (if she even had one at all).  If the fever doesn't break by tomorrow, we will be heading in for a titre. Oh joy.

Of course, we are already heading to see a physician tomorrow.  It is time for an ENT follow-up on the ear that no longer has a tube and probably an audiology exam.  I have a deep-seated suspicion that we will be getting new tubes real soon.  While I hate to do a third round of surgery (as noninvasive as it may be) I also don't want to risk her starting preschool with  diminished hearing due to chronic fluid in the ear.  Additionally, she will be getting sick quite a bit in her first year of school, that is what kids do. I really don't want to start her school career with a ton of absences for ear-infections and/or a week off for surgery later down the line. On the upside, we can probably just add a Lyme titre to the pre-op blood-work so that is good news...I guess.

My standards for good news have really dropped in the past few years, I tell you what.

It is just non-stop medical thrills and chills around here.  Survived lice so we can do possible-Lyme and/or PE tubes.  I am going to mainline some caffeine, dose both of us with some Tylenol and binge-watch Pretty Little Liars while producing tu-tus.  I don't see any other acceptable plan really.