27 August 2014

School Days

Both the kids went to school today.  Charlie went to second grade (Shut up! No YOU have a second grader you old lady!) and Lizzie trundled off to preschool (*sob* my last baby!).  I promptly drove for ten full minutes where no one cried.  I listened to NPR in relative silence and I am now at the library happily working in one of the study centers while not a single soul interrupts me. It is fairly surreal.

The point is that I am finally feeling confident that I could get back into blogging and/or start a training plan for running with some promise that when I set aside some time to do said things, I could actually, you know, do those things.   For two hours, four days a week, I can do what I want or need to do with no distractions.  Maybe it is selfish, but I do not plan to spend that time cleaning or house-keeping.  Frankly, I get that stuff done with kids around all the time, so I will just get it done with kids around in the future.  This time is officially mine.  Heck, I might even get a gym membership when it gets cold out.  That's right people, a gym membership so I can have some time to do what I want to do.  What a world.

Point is, I will hopefully be working in this space more often.  That is going to be nice. This is all going to be so very nice.