02 September 2014

The Rewards of Working Out

The kids being in school has finally allowed me to take training seriously again. Having two hours, four times a week, where I have no direct obligations to family members really does make getting in a handful of meaningful workouts feasible. Of course, as much as I am liking how good exercise makes me feel, no good deed goes unpunished. In no particular order, here are all the "rewards" the universe has bestowed upon me for my efforts:

  • Extra Laundry- The sheer volume of sports bras alone has added to my laundry burden. With Chris and I both using an extra full outfit most days of the week, the laundry hamper fill way faster than it used to! Plus, the smell, oh my goddess, the smell. Leave a pair of running tights in the bottom of a hamper for the final days of a New England summer and the results are literally breathtaking.
  • Hives- Sometimes, and this is just awesome, I get hives from my own sweat. Apparently it is not that uncommon, and most likely from the heat, not the sweat, but none the less, I am not impressed. Never knowing if, or when, I might suddenly be covered, hairline to toes, in red itchy bumps kind of steals all my workout joy. Add in that I am such a special snowflake that I can't take any anithistamines without winding up unconscious for 12 hours....just blegrh. So glad I am doing this super healthy thing!
  • Windedness- Not only am I am doing my usual routine where the more I exercise the harder it gets even though that is exactly the opposite of how training should work, ever since I messed up my lungs with pneumonia in January, I need an inhaler when I run or bike. Add in 90 degree weather with 95%+ humidity and it can take hours before my breath returns to solidly normal after a good run. I am officially a fat-girl cliche, puffing on my inhaler, red and overheated, as I drip sweat and gasp for air. Again, so healthy! So good for me!
  • Acne- Another great thing about sweat and New England humidity: my skin hates it! I currently have a zit (or maybe cluster of zits) the size of two pencil erasers on my chin. The only thing about my skin regimen that has changed is the working out. Exercise makes you so attractive! Nothing says good health like the "glow" (hives and acne) of skin after a great gym session.

Overall, I know this keeps me healthy. Getting this exercise and eating as well as we can given our generous, but certainly not infinite, resources will keep me alive and healthy for a long time. I am grateful for that, I truly am. I just really can't be grateful for all this other BS. Maybe someday I can be the bigger person and just not care about all the downsides, but for now, I will curse like a trucker as I load laundry, slather on hydrocortisone cream, suck on my inhaler and see my lumpy face in the mirror.


Good health, get some!