05 January 2015

New Year, New Morning Routine

So I finally managed, after many years of trying, to be a person who gets up and works out before the rest of the day begins.  When Chris got in the shower this morning, I went to the basement and did some hill repeats on the treadmill, day one of my 30 day squat challenge and a few yoga stretches so my body doesn't hate me later.  It took a mere 30 minutes and meant that by the time we went to the bus stop I was showered, dressed and even wearing some mascara.  Add in the load of laundry I managed to start and this day was a winner from minute one.

Now, sure, it has been exactly one day, but this is huge for me.  The biggest stumbling block to my sticking with working out is that there is never a good time for me to take a break from all my "work*" and get in that run.  When Liz is home, I hate to spend that time not with her. When Liz is at school I have all the life stuff to do. When both kids are home? Forget it.  Sure, I can run while any combo of them plays in the playroom, but the constant squabbling and interruptions are not exactly conductive to a good workout.  I could do it after bed-time, but then I am on the treadmill at 8pm, which makes bed-time much closer to midnight than is strictly a good idea for my already insomniac/night-owl self.  Basically, I can't be trusted to prioritize this self-care.

Additionally, previous attempts to do the morning workout plan have been diligently thwarted by my family members and the Great Goddess of Nope. I tried to do this when Chris was on the boat and Lizzie, being a classic toddler, somehow sensed my plans to steal 30 minutes for myself and went on a sleep strike of epic proportions.  Between the sleep deprivation and "before the kids get up" now meaning 4am, it was just not on.  Other times have featured major illness on my part (my plans to switch to morning workouts last January lead to a near-hospitalization worthy case of bronchitis that left me needing an inhaler) and other general malarkey like crazy weather requiring me to shovel instead of run, sick kids and or injuries (most often sustained from housework, oh the glamour).  My favorite is still the day I said  "I am going to try and get up and run the morning" which prompted Chris to instantly answer, in what I assume was a blind panic that his sacred morning routine might be compromised, "I think I need to start leaving to work earlier."  Oh really?  You just happen to need to leave earlier the very second I want to take 30 minutes for myself and maybe, just maybe, like 12% of a chance maybe, require you to deal with the kids before 6pm? Yeah, that's what I thought.

The point here is that the starts have finally aligned.  I might actually get a chance to do this, for real, and count on a few minutes of time to take care of myself everyday.  Now, if I can just get my fibroids (oh did I not mention the fibroids? Well, there is a tale of medical wonder for another day) under control I could be on my way to a nice healthy year.

So here's to 2015, you sexy beast, I already like you way more than 2014.

*By that I naturally mean TV and bonbons,  because SAH parenting is soooooooo easy, amirite?