25 February 2015

Jamberry Manicure Tests

While I don't really plan on blogging about this a lot (I have no intention of turning this into a "commercial" space) I am now a Jamberry Consultant. Basically Jamberry makes really pretty (and super durable) nail wraps to use in place of nail polish for long lasting manicures and pedicures. Since having nicely done nails and toe nails is the one thing I usually do for myself in terms of beauty maintenance (well, that and waxing my face, oh dear goddess the endless mustache waxing!), these really appealed to me. Since I am now a distributor, I figured I would mention it once here and place a link in the sidebar and/or page header just in case anyone wants more information or needs a "dealer." Full disclosure, any Jamberry related links will be to my personal Jamberry site and could thus benefit me. No one is obligated, but they are affiliate links and I wanted to be upfront about that.
For the one Jamberry post I am going to do here, this is my "7 Day test." Basically, you apply an accent nail, or two, in the Jamberry nail wraps. You then do the rest of your nails with your regular polish and compare how they hold up for the week. Since I am also super into Shellac Gel Polish, and have my mum's home kit on permanent loan, I did some nails with that for additional comparison.
Day 1: Shellac Gel Manicure, Wet-n-Wild SHINE polish and Jamberry Wrap in Sweet Nothing.

Day 2: Managed to slice a chunk out of the shellac with a Chef's Knife, like a genius! The traditional polish appeared dry the night before having cured for 4+ hours, yet still got all "textured" from my sheet as I slept.
Day 3: This is the opposite, non-sliced hand. This is my dominant hand so it sees some wear and tear.

Day 4: Regular polish is now chipped (though that is a personal record for me, generally if I get two days out of a regular manicure it is a lot) Jams and Shellac look good.

Day 5: Regular polish looking cruddy. My nail is actually broken under the Jam thanks to our dining room table rehab project, but holding up just fine with the nail wrap in place.

Day 6: Nail under the Jam broke, but I was able to just clip the nail down and smooth the edges with the wrap staying perfectly in place!

Day 7: I would say over all the Jamberry held up the best, with the Shellac a very close second. Shellac is lifting a little near the cuticles (and my thumb done in the same gel polish had a strip pull right off!) while the Jam is still nicely sealed.
All together I would put the Shellac home kit and the Jamberry wrap at similar wear quality. Both take roughly the same time to apply, a block of time equal to how long it takes to apply two neat coats of regular polish. However, the gels and wraps pull way ahead when you realize they are "apply and go." Once on, you are dry and ready to rock unlike regular polish which is 15 minutes of application then at least an hour of drying. I personally wound up preferring the Jamberry wraps because, for the same effort, they look way fancier! For the price and time, it looks like you spent big bucks (and so many hours) at the salon.
If anyone does want more info, contact me here or at knitpurlmanicure {at} gmail {dot} com or check out the Jamberry site at http://knitpurlmanicure.jamberrynails.net/ I do have adorable sample packs if doing your own "7 Day Challenge" looks like fun.