14 April 2015


Mostly, things are going well. I feel like this bit of sunshine has really helped us all get going, and get excited about things.  The kids are doing swim lessons soon. We joined the Y which will, in theory really help me get my workouts prioritized. Charlie is doing a fun pottery after-school program which is a big deal for her, very much outside her comfort zone in terms of "schedule deviation."  Our 4-H group is up and running with a lovely group of kids. Liz is still enjoying preschool and is so ready for Kindergarten next year.  My Jamberry sales are chugging along despite me refusing to participate in the pick-up-artist-style sales methods the company endorses.  Life is good.

 I love that our lives are busy, and fun.  I love that we are busy because we have active ties to this community now.  I volunteered all week at the book fair and actually knew most of the other moms.  I am active at all our local library events, doing lots of volunteer work there and again, I know people!  I am actually able to go places, and do activities without being the odd person out.  While I have never really cared if I was the odd person out, 5 moves in 8 years kind of makes you super comfortable as an outsider, it is refreshing to feel welcome and included.  This is the longest we have lived at one address, ever, and it is really amazing.

But man, I got to tell you, I am tired. Sooooooo tired. Falling asleep on couch at 8pm tired. I am up when Chris gets up at 5:30, that is my "me time."  I read my book, or catch an episode of  whatever horrible TV I am currently binge watching.  Then Charlie's alarm goes off and it is GO GO GO! until 12 hours later when I get the kids to bed (or 17 hours until I get to sleep-ish).  Breakfast, morning routine, bus-stop, housework, Jamberry work, errands, lunch, school-drop off, workout, grab a shower, school-pick-up, repack lunches/snacks, bus-stop, homework, refereeing playtime, dinner, evening activities, baths, bed, more Jamberry work, maybe some blogging/knitting/sewing/reading (never more than one, of course), bed for me, insomnia...rinse and repeat.

It is fun, and being active all the time has really helped with the depression/anxiety that was creeping in at the corners. I understand that this life is a true luxury. Not many in my peer group can be home with kids full-time and be feeling no pressure to rush back to work. I could have much bigger problems than "having so much fun everyday it wear me out," but damn...I need a nap!  I think I need to spend more time actually dreaming while here in the suburban dream.