08 April 2015

Put that on the Snap-Chat-My-Face-o-Gram...On The Line

The big thing on "The Twitter" today was the Rand Paul promoted tweet looking for donations.  A bold move given

1. How well conservative Twitter campaigns have previously gone


2. That the conservative* platform seems to be relying heavily on the whole "we don't need them new-fangled internets to win this thing...we have values" plan.

None the less, there it was.  In my head this all went down with some ambitious young intern (working for prestige, because bootstraps) said "hey, you know where there are people? Twitter!"  Now, this bright young thing may have missed the point that "people" here means actual people and not the very specific set of desperate traditionalists/super-rich-fundamentalists who go in for the Rand Pauls of the world, but hey, props for trying.  And Mr. Paul, being the super-groovy-hip-dude that he is, went for it.  Now I just get to sit back, and see where this goes.  This election is gonna satirize itself and I can't wait.

In conclusion:

* I acknowledge that the Paul "dynasty" is about being Libertarian and therefore, warriors for freedom. However, since those freedoms are only defined as "things with which white-rich-cisgendered-heterosexual-religious-men are comfortable/things that benefit white-rich-cisgendered-heterosexual-religious-men" I am going to just say...*fart noise*...you are an uber-conservative and no one cares that you think you are clever Mr. Paul.