10 June 2015

TV Junkie

Even though we don't have cable, I am still a TV junkie.  Thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and the library, I can still watch all the TV I want!  For 1/3 of what Cox wants me to pay them for half the access! Friendly PSA: seriously people, the library.  They have all the DVDs you could ever need. Any movie, any show, some library somewhere has it and will let you borrow it...for free!!! So, with the long hot days of summer coming upon us, here are my current TV indulgences.

Bones- I blow hot and cold on this show, right now I am into it.  I like that it features well-educated, assertive and competent women acting just as assertive and competent as their male equals.  My only issue (beyond the inherent racism, trans/homophobia and gross stereotyping that is common in mainstream media) is the way Dr. Brennan is being forced to "evolve."  The over-arching theme is always "Bones says something logical that aligns with her personal belief system, Booth says 'argle bargle, faith, love, humanity, blah blah blah' and in the end she 'learns an important lesson' and capitulates to Booth's worldview."  I guess I resent that her entire character development is based on the premise that she must make herself more neurotypical and therefore "likable" so as to accommodate the romantic sub-plot.  We don't ask this is Grissom (CSI) or Gibbs (NCIS), so why do we ask it of Dr. Brennan? Its a real mystery!

Reign- This one must be watched just for the costuming.  Sure, it hits all the right period-piece buttons of love, sex and high royal intrigue...but really OMG the clothes.  Not historically accurate, but truly breath-taking. Also, this show features women together doing things, but rarely involving activities that don't center on men/children.

Pretty Little Liars- High drama of the criminal cross-double-cross and, again, the clothes.  Mostly this is indulging my commodity fetishism and a chance to discuss the unrealistic portrayal of high-school lives.  Specifically: how do these women have all this time?  There was no getting coffee before school, school started before the sun came up! However, this again is a show that features women together doing things that don't always center around men.

***I should note here that I often watch TV that maybe isn't' considered high art, specifically shows about groups of teen girls doing completely unrealistic teen things. However, much like the Disney Princess phenomenon, these are the only real outlet for shows that feature women doing anything en mass.  This is my only option if I wish to watch shoes that feature more than a token woman filling a classic trope.  I don't like "trashy" TV because it is "trashy," I like "trashy" TV because we label anything that features non-white-cis-male-hetero-heroes as "trashy."***

Hannibal- So freaky, So creepy. So good. If I ever met Hannibal in person I would be dinner in a heartbeat.  Dr, Lecter is one sexy-smart dude, I tell you what.

Sticking with my over-all love of Supernatural, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. even though I am 100% over Joss Whedon, Agent Carter (because women! Please!), and Grimm (because I will watch anything with a supernatural bend).

Lastly I am getting into  Murder in the First.  A classic cop procedural, but with some interesting twists and turns.  The show plays into every known TV trope ever, but somehow, still works OK.

So these, combined with binge watching Game of Thrones (so much to say here), Trueblood and every Marvel Movie ever made (thanks library!) I should be pretty amused for a while.

What is everyone else watching? Any hot tips for great shows I could be mainlining right now?


Anonymous said...

If you haven't watched The Walking Dead you should try that. The first season is gory then it gets into the story and characters and how they are handling the situation. Can't wait till oct for the next season!