05 January 2016


Last year wasn't a bad year, but somehow I am not sad to see it go.  I can't pinpoint any one thing that made it rough, but I am left feeling like another year rolled by and here I still am....just...keeping up. However, lots of good things did happen:

  • I got my lady-troubles fixed.  Once we overcame Diagnosis: FAT and Diagnosis: Breeder, I was actually able to fix my issue. Turns out, storing fibroids the size of varying sports-balls in your uterus is a bad idea.  Who knew?
  • We got Liz happily into kindergarten.
  • I took a skiing lesson.
  • The kids learned to swim.
  • I got two jobs despite my threats to the contrary. 
  • I am a librarian now, which when I picked the name for this blog was always kind of my dream...so now I really am "The Well-Read Mom."
  • I got the kids hooked on Harry Potter and if seeing your kids devour your fandom isn't happiness, well I don't know what is. 
  • We took more trips, I went to Vegas, the girls went camping, we took a family vacation to VT...travel with kids at 6 and 8 is so much better than travel with toddlers. 
  • Possibly related: my kids finally became human-ish...the days are getting easier in terms of logistics even if harder in terms of personalities, school, social stuff and attitudes.
  • Chris kicked ass at his job, he will even be releasing a computer game he helped develop in the spring.  
Some cruddy things happened too.  I am now sick with some abdominal pain issues that is not my gallbladder, liver or anything at all as far as my GP can tell.  (Probably hysteria am I right ladies?) My sister is dealing with some fertility issues.  She has been a goddamn rock-star about the whole thing, but it has cast a slight pall over the year.  

All in all, more good than bad, but still a bit....underwhelming.  I feel like every year we get geared up for This Great New Year (TM), and somehow, it is all just more of the same.  I mean, that is life. Putting one foot in front of the other and managing the constant onslaught of micro-crises, but I could just use something more.  Keeping that feeling in mind, I am being very careful about my "resolutions" for the year.  I want to keep them chill and centered on things that will bring me joy. Hopefully, this time next year I can say "yeah, I got some of my stuff done, and it was pretty good."


Ginger said...

All the weird abdominal pain I had a few years ago was completely impossible to diagnose (let's not talk about how much all the testing cost), but my doc is fairly certain now that it was/is abdominal adhesions. They won't show up on any kind of imaging, so the only way to confirm it is more surgery (which, ironically, can cause more adhesions), but depending on where they are, they can mimic all kinds of abdominal issues. So that's fun, almost as fun as every doctor thinking I was just totally crazy for complaining about pain that *clearly* wasn't there. :-/
Anyway, that to say 1) maybe consider abdominal adhesions and 2)doctors suck.