03 January 2017

Hello 2017!!!!!

This adulting thing has proven to be far more work than advertised.  Last year was....well, you all know how it was.  As we enter the new calendar year, and I come out of my post-election depression (thank goddess for Lexapro y'all!!!) I feel like I have a bit more of a grip on my life.  Working two jobs, raising two kids and generally living had left me a bit frazzled.  In that vein, I set myself a few goals for the new year.

1. Cook more good food.

The hectic schedule of December left me feeling like we were not eating well, not eating together and just plain not enjoying meal-times.  In response, I pulled out the cookbooks, fired up Pinterest and made myself a recipe journal.  I am feeling far more enthusiastic about cooking and have already had one major success.  I made Apple Baked Beans from Thug Kitchen.  They were amazing served on toast with eggs, a fine English tradition that is not to be beat.  Looks good right?

2. Get 20 minutes of activity a day.

Turns out, you can keep your body working pretty damn well with just 150 minutes of exercise a week.  Granted 150 minutes can feel insurmountable as life whips on by, but I need this time.   I feel so much better mentally when I take the time to get in a workout.  More importantly, I feel better when I make some time for me.

3. Get my calendar/thoughts organized.

I like bullet journals, but soon realized it can be a little overwrought. I also found that I didn't like jamming everything into one journal and mixing it up.  So I made a few sets of journals to keep on my desk and use for various tasks.

My traditional day planner has monthly calendars, daily planners, space for meal planning/shopping lists,a spot for coupons and an area to take notes.  This travels with me most days and keeps me on track with my daily tasks and appointments.

I then added this trio of little notebooks for other outlets.  Currently one is for recipes, one is for crafting and one is for blogging.  These  serve as a space to write down ideas, lists, directions, sketches etc...all the stuff that you put in a bullet journal, but sorted for ease of use.

4. Focus on the positive.

Not to say that we can't fight back about the negative stuff happening to our lives right now (this is NOT normal at all, never forget that), but I can focus on the good in my own life.   Taking a page from a long forgotten Pinterest post, I made a card catalog with an index card for every day of the year.  When something good happens, you write it down.  Over the years, the cards fill up and you have a multi-year record of your happy stuff.  The whole family can add as they see fit...should be fun to look back on someday.

So that's it.  Just a few, mostly actualized, goals for the year.  Add in my reading challenge and it will be a good, fun-filled, year.